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The little understood process of carbon capture and utilization


Responding to a push from industry, the European Union seems to be set on exploring ways to recycle carbon dioxide, through a technique called carbon capture and utilization (CCU). However, most of us know little about this technology.

BD3 carbon capture up and running after three months down


For three months from June to August, the Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was offline and not collecting carbon dioxide as it underwent a shutdown. However, by Sept. 2, the plant was up and running again.

Ottawa investing $950,000 in carbon capture and conversion technology


The federal government is investing $950,000 in new technology that will help turn carbon emissions into useful, everyday products such as building materials, alternative fuels and consumer goods.

UK CAER Receives International Grant for CO2 Capture Research


The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research has received a $300,000 grant from the Shanxi Science and Technology Department.

Global anthropogenic emissions of particulate matter including black carbon


This paper presents a comprehensive assessment of historical (1990–2010) global anthropogenic particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Immediate Carbon Capture is Critical to Avoiding Extreme Climate Change


Recent research indicates that immediate carbon capture is going to be essential to avoid more extreme consequences of climate change. These measures will be more costly the longer we wait to implement them.


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CO2 storage: technologies, opportunities and prospects

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