Organigrama PTECO2

Below we briefly describe the organs forming the Spanish CO2 Technology Platform.


PTECO2’s General Assembly includes every member of the Platform. It ratifies the Platform’s key resolutions and adopts its guidance documents.


The Board is PTECO2’s highest governing body. It is responsible for the Platform’s management, operation and coordination.

Executive Committee

Consisting of the Platform’s Chair and Vice-Chairs, its main task to direct PTECO2’s working groups.


The Chair of PTECO2 is the Platform’s head and its contact person with other public and private bodies


The main function of the Vice-Chairs is to generally assist in the activities of the Chair.

Resources Committee

This is body that administers PTECO2’s resources, consisting of four members of the Board other than the Platform’s Chair and Vice-Chairs.

Technical Secretariat

PTECO2’s Technical Secretariat functions are assigned by decision of the Board to a firm located in Spain.

Working groups

PTECO2 is structured in working groups responsible for drawing up reports and studies to carry out the Platform’s vision and strategy for creating and promoting a technological network based on technologies for CO2 reduction, capture, storage and utilisation. Membership of working groups is open to all companies, institutions, research institutes and universities available to contribute their expertise.

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