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This section is an overview of the most significant national and international projects developing technologies for CO2 capture, transportation, storage and utilisation.

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The Carbolab project for methane (CH4) recovery and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage was launched in 2009 with an investment of more than €4m and is being conducted at the Montsacro mine (Asturias).

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This project’s aim is to develop technologies for designing integrated bio-refinery concepts, combining energy generation and bio-products.

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CENIT SOST-CO2 (ended)

The CENIT SOST-CO2 project aimed to address the whole lifecycle of CO2 from its capture and transportation to its storage and large-scale utilisation, seeking a sustainable alternative to the geological confinement of emissions.

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CENITCO2 project (ended)

The main object of the CENITCO2 project was to research, develop and validate new expertise and integrated solutions for increasing the effectiveness of CO2 emission reduction processes, promoting industrial research projects in Spain to accelerate the development of advanced technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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CO2FUNNELS (completed)

The CO2 FUNNELS project (cultivation of fast-growing plant species with high bio-energy potential in open and semi-closed systems with carbon fertilisation near a refinery) aims to demonstrate the possibility of capturing CO2 by CO2 fertilisation of energy crops, obtaining biomass which may be used in turn to generate energy.

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