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CENITCO2 project (ended)
Category: Nationals
Subject matter: Capture

The main object of the CENITCO2 project was to research, develop and validate new expertise and integrated solutions for increasing the effectiveness of CO2 emission reduction processes, promoting industrial research projects in Spain to accelerate the development of advanced technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Its results notably include:

  • Construction of a 500 kWt CO2 capture plant with post-combustion by chemical absorption with amines integrated in the Compostilla thermal power plant (León province). The plant can treat 800 m3/h of flue gas and has a capture capacity of 3-5 tonnes a day with efficiencies of 90 per cent.
  • Construction of an experimental plant for CO2 capture during biomass combustion using carbonation-calcination technology. This is a 300 kWt facility connected to the La Robla thermal power plant, developing the concept of negative emissions (absorbing CO2 emissions to the air)
  • Construction of an experimental plant for CO2 capture using microalgae with real coal flue gas from the Litoral plant and sea water. As well as fixing CO2 the microalgae serve as raw material for making energy products such as biodiesel. The experimental plant has an area of more than 1000 m2 and uses Endesa technology evolved within CENIT CO2.

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