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CO2FUNNELS (completed)
Category: Nationals
Subject matter: Uses

The CO2 FUNNELS project (cultivation of fast-growing plant species with high bio-energy potential in open and semi-closed systems with carbon fertilisation near a refinery) aims to demonstrate the possibility of capturing CO2 by CO2 fertilisation of energy crops, obtaining biomass which may be used in turn to generate energy.

The study, to be conducted at Puertollano, is to assess CO2 flows in the air and the ground for each crop in a range of conditions. Six species are to be studied with various CO2 fertilisation scenarios, from a natural atmosphere to the use of pure CO2 and CO2 with impurities.

As well as the effect of these gases on parameters such as biomass production or energy value, biological aspects such as photosynthetic activity, gas exchange or overall plant metabolism will be studied.

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