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Carbon capture: Technologies to fulfil The Paris Agreement

Update of the 2014 monograph on Carbon Capture published by PTECO2. Once the financial crisis is over and with the horizon of fulfil The Paris Agreement, there are enough novelties that justify this reissue:

  • In a stage where the CO2 emissions due to energy production with fossil fuels seem to be in an irreversible disappearance process, it is necessary to influence technologies that target emissions from other industries, such as cement, steel and the chemical industry, all of them with their peculiarities.
  • The enormous growth that CO2 uses have been showing in recent years also makes an important difference in terms of capture processes. It is no longer a vision in which carbon dioxide is simply captured, but it is done to give a use to this gas, with what this implies.
  • PTECO2's point of view is not limited to the Spanish situation, but we also intend to give a global vision of the situation.


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