Climate change and technology

The major international bodies and agencies agree that the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere is reaching significantly high levels. According to current data, in the last 100 years the world’s population has multiplied fourfold while energy consumption has risen 80 times, mostly using fossil fuels.

So it seems clear that we need to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere so as to prevent global warming, and among the solutions being developed in parallel by the most developed countries is CO2 capture, transportation, storage and utilisation.

This option is seen as a measure for mitigating climate change. Its possible contribution worldwide to the reduction of CO2 emissions is estimated at 20-30% of the total required. It emerged from the international scientific and technological consensus reached by governments and industry in developed countries on the need to mitigate climate change and as an opportunity for industry.

CCS is backed by prestigious international bodies such as the International Energy Agency, and appears as an option in the Kyoto Protocol.

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