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portada publicacionThe Global Status of CCS: 2014

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce the release of their Global Status of CCS: 2014 report. The report provides a detailed overview of the current status of large-scale CCS projects worldwide, finding that 2014 has been a pivotal year for CCS. You can download the document here: Global CCS Institute

portada publicacionLegal framework adopted in the EU

Study of the different legal regimes on CCS, adopted by certain countries chosen because of their belonging to our environment, ie Member States of the European Union (EU).

portada publicacionMethodological guide for the preparation of studies of environmental impact of ceoductos

In order to establish homogeneous criteria applicable to the preparation of environmental documents required in the required environmental assessment, the CO2 Spanish Technological Platform (PTECO2) promotes the development of this methodological guide.

portada publicacionSocio-economic ​Aspects of CCS technological and commercial development

The present study contemplates carrying out an analysis exercise based on secondary sources and existing documentation to describe the framework and critical factors what concerns the implementation of CCS. Based on this information, and with technical advice from PTECO2, a technical scenario has been drawn up on which to carry out a quantitative analysis of the possible deployment and generalization of these technologies in socioeconomic terms.

portada publicacionDeployment of CCS in the cement industry

A survey by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) finds that the majority of respondents in the cement industry think that CCS is relevant to them and are aware of research projects, with half involved in CCS activities.

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