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portada publicacionCarbon capture and storage in Europe - EASAC policy report 20

This report records the findings of an EASAC study to evaluate the challenges of CCS development in Europe, to make recommendations on how those challenges may be addressed, and to consider the contribution that CCS may reasonably be expected to make over the period to 2050.

portada publicacionCO2 storage: technologies, opportunities and prospects

This PTECO2 publication expands upon various aspects of geological CO2 storage such as characterising the structure of the subsoil to be used for storage or the surface operation, with the aim of storing CO2 with optimal security for both people and the environment. The paper was drawn up with contributions by experts from the institutions belonging to the Platform.

portada publicacionComparative study on the regulatory framework for Carbon capture

Study of the different legal regimes on CCS, adopted by certain countries chosen because of their belonging to our environment, Member States of the European Union (EU), as well as, outside the scope of the EU, by the maturity stage of The regulation of some of the activities of the CAC.

portada publicacionStrategic Deployment Document and R&D and Innovation Agenda (2011)

This PTECO2 publication seeks to identify the most recommendable technological deployment on the basis of an overview of the current state of CCS technologies, and to provide an R&D and innovation agenda with a set of proposals for the short and medium term within the global context of climate change, taking the “Technological Pathway” as a benchmark.

portada publicacionCapturing and storing CO2. The hard facts behind CCS

This leaflet from ZEP shows CCS as an esential part of the solutions needed to reach an important CO2 emissions reduction.

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