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portada publicacionThe costs of CO2 Capture

In this study, the best estimates for new power plants with CO2 capture in Europe, based on new and updated data, provided by industry members and ZEP users are collected. The level electric cost and expenses for the marketing of new power plants with CO2 capture to start operating from 2020 are estimated too.

portada publicacionThe costs of CO2 Transport

In this study of the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) the last and most comprehensive costs of transporting CO2 are analyzed. Experts have studied three methods of transportation with their detailed costs: pipeline transport, surface transport and maritime transport underground piping including preparation facilities and unloading.

portada publicacionThe costs of CO2 Storage

In this new study of the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) realistic assessments of CO2 storage costs are analyzed. As external data were scarce and a generic model could not be developed due to time and resources, the study was conducted with technical and economic understanding of ZEP members, through their research and experience in this field.

portada publicacionPTECO2 Vision Document (2008)

The Spanish CO2 Platform was set up in 2006 in order to help develop CO2 capture, transportation, storage and utilisation technologies and to improve energy efficiency so that Spanish industry and technology might aid compliance with the Kyoto Protocol objectives. This document sets out the scenario in 2005, the industry’s priorities and PTECO2’s vision, goals, structure and functions, along with its main recommendations.

portada publicacionStrategic Deployment Document and R&D and Innovation Agenda (2008)

In this first deployment document PTECO2 proposed a prioritised national action plan with the aim of achieving, together with the authorities, the scientific community, industry and society, a commercial development and rollout of CO2 capture and storage technologies in 2020 in Spain as a key means of effectively reducing CO2 emissions so as to mitigate climate change.

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