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portada publicacionMethodological guide for the preparation of studies of environmental impact of ceoductos

In order to establish homogeneous criteria applicable to the preparation of environmental documents required in the required environmental assessment, the CO2 Spanish Technological Platform (PTECO2) promotes the development of this methodological guide.

portada publicacionSocio-economic ​Aspects of CCS technological and commercial development

The present study contemplates carrying out an analysis exercise based on secondary sources and existing documentation to describe the framework and critical factors what concerns the implementation of CCS. Based on this information, and with technical advice from PTECO2, a technical scenario has been drawn up on which to carry out a quantitative analysis of the possible deployment and generalization of these technologies in socioeconomic terms.

portada publicacionCO2 transportation: state of the art, alternatives and challenges

This new technical paper focuses on CO2 transportation as one more technology to be developed in a coordinated way so as to make CO2 reduction goals viable from technical and economic and also regulatory viewpoints.

portada publicacionCarbon capture: technologies for a large-scale capturing

Carbon capture is the first phase of CCS technologies and the stage that gives meaning to the rest. Therefore, is the area with more development in recent years.

portada publicacionUses of CO2: a pathway to sustainability

This third paper in a series on carbon capture, transportation, storage and utilisation (CCS) that began in 2012 analyses in depth the current state of technologies for reusing carbon dioxide, either as a raw material for making other products or as a main or alternative fluid in certain processes.

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