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This section is an overview of the most significant national and international projects developing technologies for CO2 capture, transportation, storage and utilisation.

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Compostilla OXYCFB300

Compostilla OXYCFB300 is an all-inclusive project including CO2 capture, transportation and storage with the main aim of validating a flexible and competitive CCS technology on an industrial scale allowing current fossil-fuel power plants to be refurbished as from 2020.

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Gorgon Project (Australia)

The Gorgon Carbon Dioxide Injection Project is an integral part of the Gorgon Project which is being constructed by Chevron. 

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Hatfield project, "Don Valley" (UK)

The Don Valley Power Project (better known as Hatfield) is a project involving the building of a large-scale 900 MW integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant over two phases with a CO2 capture rate of 91%.

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IGCC plant

In 2010 the installation of a pilot facility was completed at the IGCC plant in Puertollano. This is the first plant for integrated gasification in combined cycle in the world able to demonstrate that pre-combustion technology for CO2 capture is viable alongside hydrogen production and electricity generation, putting IGCC at the cutting edge of clean coal technologies.

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La Pereda

This project is to develop a CO2 capture technology using limestone as a sorbent.

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